Celia Dowson

Celia Dowson is a British artist whose artistic intention is to draw out the extraordinary in everyday objects. Her collections, in both ceramic and cast glass, are designed and made with careful precision and are developed through observing the natural world and qualities of atmosphere and place.

"I am fascinated by industrial process and adapt traditional casting techniques to make handcrafted design. I am excited by how an extensive understanding into a craft offers the opportunity to push and explore a material, and challenge a process.”

Informed by the movement and flux of nature Celia's glass work reflects the colours, the changing light, and mystery of the natural world, while porcelain vessels, embedded with mark and gesture, capture a dramatic and evolving landscape.Tonal blends and colour weave throughout the work and unique surfaces are obtained through thorough material research and testing. 

"I make ceramic and glass objects which consider the domestic and ritual of everyday life, however the pieces I make are not always traditionally functional and often allow only for reflection."